• Nasser Mufti, Seeing Stasis

    Nasser Mufti, Seeing Stasis

    Nasser Mufti on the Interregnum of Stuart Brisley

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  • STUART BRISLEY, BREATH, 7pm, 29.01.2014 / Royal Academy Schools Life Room

    Sanja Perovic, Dead history, live art: encountering the past with Stuart Brisley, in Rethinking History

    Recently, there has been a remarkable convergence between performance art and history, with the ‘historical turn’ in performance art mirrored by a ‘performative turn’ within history. This raises the question: can performance itself be considered historical knowledge? This article pursues this question through the work of Stuart Brisley, the English multi-media artist well-known for his durational works from the late 1960s, some of which were also feats of physical

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  • STUART BRISLEY, Stuart Brisley: Performing the Political Body and Eating Shit by Michael Newman, 2015

    Stuart Brisley: Performing the Political Body and Eating Shit by Michael Newman

    Michael Newman
    Stuart Brisley: Performing the Political Body and Eating Shit

    Published by MAC Belfast and Museum of Ordure, 2015
    ISBN 978 0 9575299 2 2

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  • Manifesto of Equals

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  • Notes to Thomas Röske on About Barbara Suckfull

    I came across Barbara Suckfüll's word drawings in the catalogue “Beyond Reason” which accompanied the show at the Hayward Gallery in London in 1996/1997. I already knew about the Prinzhorn Collection, largely through reading and images seen in publications, but also because I had made performances in Switzerland and Germany. I have an  awareness for the fascinating and mysterious, connected to  the workings of the mind and questions of the nature and parameters of

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  • Before the Mast: text by Tony White and Sanja Perovic

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  • Artist Stuart Brisley: shutting up shop on the old politics (by Richard Gott, The Guardian)

    Artist Stuart Brisley: shutting up shop on the old politicsBrisley's perversley serious performances show up the absurdity of what's happening at Westminster Maybe only a performance artist can come up with an immediate reaction to the current political situation, and maybe only Stuart Brisley, emeritus professor at the Slade and enfant terrible of the art world since the 1960s, is sufficiently versed in the portrayal of the collapse of structures to reflect mordantly on the particular magic

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  • Zygmunt Bauman and the idea of Interregnum by Victoria Harper, 2010

    Zygmunt Bauman’s upcoming book, "44 Letters From the Liquid Modern World" (forthcoming: Polity),  furthers his project of describing a new form of modernity that is challenging individuals and society. He describes a "liquid" modernity: a state of constantly changing circumstances and shifting priorities that make it difficult for individuals to have the time or frames of reference to organize their lives under conditions of extreme ambiguity. Today, Truthout will begin sharing

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  • Next Door (the missing text)

    Next Door (the missing text) First Day 12.5.2010 Next door is an abandoned retail outfit. It seems to contain the detritus of at least three businesses, a sign making company, electrical retailer and a bookshop. There are also some records of applications made by children to a charity of some kind. It exhibits all the evidence of abandonment. It is owned by the local council and has been shuttered down for some considerable period. There are signs of flooding which came from the toilet and

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