STUART BRISLEY, Letter between Barbara Latham and Leslie Julius regarding Hille Project, 1970

Letter between Barbara Latham and Leslie Julius regarding Hille Project, 1970


Dear Leslie Julius,

I have been speaking to Mr. Hammond about our draft contract with Stuart Brisley. This I had discussed with Mr. Hammond before Stuart Brisley started at Hille.
There appeared to be 2 points for clarification:

1)  The charge for APG Research Ltd. We charge 15% on the artists’ fee on placement to cover our research costs. In Stuart Brisley ‘s case it would be £150 on £1000. At our original meeting 2 years ago we were a trust and so unable to charge fees, only receive grants and gifts. We now operate as a company limited by guarantee and are responsible for financing our research activities and so are expected to charge for our services wherever possible. Our Arts Council grant is obviously insufficient to cover the work which is building up.
2)  The second point was the question of budgetary estimate for materials and facilities for the projects put forward by Stuart, so as to avoid misunderstanding and possible future escalation. I gather Stuart Brisley has already discussed this with Mr. Hammond.

I feel it would be a good idea in the near future if the three of us might meet at your London showrooms, so you could hear at first hand something of Stuart’s initial thoughts on the 3 projects he put forward. Maybe you would prefer the meeting to be at Haverhill? I feel that a meeting with Stuart would be beneficial as he has very specific ideas on the artist’s role in an industrial situation, which I feel sure would be interesting to you. Did you perhaps read about his show in The Times last week?

The APG has been invited to Germany (Dusseldorf & Munich) in the Spring of next year and we hope to include Stuart Brisley’s experiences at Hille. The Germans want us to get APG going for them over there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sincerely yours,

Barbara Latham


23 October 1970