STUART BRISLEY, Arbeit Macht Frei, 1973

Arbeit Macht Frei, 1973

16mm film

Goodbye London - Radical Art and Politics in the Seventies


The exhibition focuses on the political culture of the 1970s in London and the UK. Against the backdrop of economic decline the country developed into a vital, politicized art scene, which took time and again in a temporary home to empty houses that have been given a new lease of up to 30,000 squatters. It created art and film collectives, to property speculation, the escalation of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the strikes in the factories and the relative position of Gay Liberation and actively intervening. The departure lasted until the Falklands war and the failed miners' strike in the early 1980s strengthened the forces of neoliberalism and the era of radical London ended.

And for today... nothing (1972) and Arbeit Macht Frei (1973) will be included in this exhibition.

Other Artists include: Jo Spence, Stephen Willats, Jon Savage and Derek Jarman

26 June - 15 August 2010
Opening: 25 June, 19h

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