STUART BRISLEY, The Missing Text, Interregnum 1 (6 May–12 May 2010), 2012

Andy Keate

The Missing Text, Interregnum 1 (6 May–12 May 2010), 2012

Oil on linen

135cm x 196cm


I took up temporary residence as the Curator of Ordure RY Sirb for 10 days amongst the detritus of failed businesses in a former shop. 

Entitled The Missing Subject, the series of actions covering a 10 day period was the base from which 4 further parts were constructed.

      1.The diary 
      2.The film 
      3.The photographs 
      4.The paintings 

The 3 paintings are variants based on the photographs of the 10 day action. 
Their status are equal to the other parts. 

The paintings stand independently as well interacting as they were made consecutively showing influences from one to the other. 

The Missing Text, 2012  
Interregnum 1(6 May-12 May 2010)

"The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear." Antonio Gramsci

Painting1 replicates some of the procedures of the 10 day action through subjecting objects together to build up a colossal processed heap by taking images from different photographs and forcing them together into ill fitting relationships. There is an analogous suggestion to the negotiations that took place between the 3 major participating political parties of the 2010 general election. However, the painting stands to be seen as itself. Such associations as above represent a route through which a subject may be interrogated even though when looking at the painting this may not be revealed. Such awkwardness would occur or not in the mind of the viewer. 

Please download the pdf to read Nasser Mufti on these works: Seeing Stasis