Maya Balcioglu

DRAWN, 2-5 March 2016

Durational Performance, DRAF studio

Featuring influential performance artist Stuart Brisley alongside Michael Newman , Hayley Newman, Anne Tallentire and John Seth, this event enacts a network of alliances through a chain of live encounters. To coincide with the latest issue of Drawing Room Confessions dedicated to Stuart Brisley, each speaker has been chosen by the artist to take part in a collective conversation animating art and social practice.

Drawing Room Confessions is a journal that plays with the serious (and playful) game of conversation. For each issue, the editors invite one artist to take part in a number of conversations with different interlocutors from a range of fields. The annotated sections of the publication follow a set of rules designed to present a nuanced portrait of the artist at a particular moment in time.

Drawing Room Confessions was founded in London in 2011, conceived by artist Manuela Ribadeneira, curator Vincent Honoré, and designer Benjamin Reichen (Äbake).

This event coincides with the archive display Q&A: Artists in Conversation, which explores diverse formats of artist interviews and how they have evolved over time.


Event organised in collaboration with Louise Garrett.

Whitechapel Gallery, Zilkha Auditorium, 3 August 2017, 7pm